Secret Spy Vocabulary: Antonyms for Grades 2-4


Our super unique Secret Spy activity meets vocabulary! This is such a fun resource your children will be begging to learn.

Students use the secret spy word viewer to find and write pairs of 52 antonyms. Please note: you will need access to red cellophane for the Secret Spy Viewer to work.

Perfect for small group and independent work. Great for students in second through fourth grades.

This pack includes;
• Instructions
• 13 Secret Spy Find & Write pages in three fun formats
• Secret Spy Viewer printable

52 antonyms included in this set: wet-dry, yes-no, day-night, soft-hard, clean-dirty, happy-sad, slow-fast, quiet-loud, right-wrong, big-small, hot-cold, left-right, up-down, top-bottom, tall-short, win-lose, hard-soft, pull-push, on-off, none-all, thick-thin, stop-start, smile-frown, little-big, near-far, sweet-sour, early-late, front-back, dark-light, under-over, short-tall, find-lose, asleep-awake, first-last, love-hate, exit-enter, true-false, messy-tidy, brave-scared, high-low, give-take, buy-sell, wide-narrow, break-fix, weak-strong, east-west, float-sink, inside-outside, hard-simple, above-below, girl-boy, before-after.

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