Mindful Breathing Exercises for Kids: Printable Cards


Our printable 28 Breathing Exercises for Kids Cards include a wide variety of breathing techniques, each specifically chosen for their appeal to kids, in a convenient printable format.

Each of the 28 cards includes one breathing exercise with a related image to act as a visual prompt alongside clear instructions for performing the technique. These are simple techniques that kids can take anywhere and make the perfect addition to your child’s feelings and emotions toolkit with the exercises ideal for developing greater emotional awareness and coping skills.

Great for classroom and home use.

The 28 exercises included are;

  • Bunny breathing
  • Snake breathing
  • Butterfly breathing
  • Eagle breathing
  • Rainbow breathing
  • Superhero breathing
  • Grateful breathing
  • Monkey breathing
  • Golden glow breathing
  • Kindness breathing
  • Blue sky breathing
  • Ear rub & breathe
  • Bear breathing
  • Hot air balloon breathing
  • Pretzel breathing
  • Ocean breathing
  • Infinity breathing
  • Nostril breathing
  • 5 senses breathing
  • Lion breathing
  • Back to back (partner) breathing
  • Tummy breathing
  • Elephant breathing
  • Bubble breathing
  • Balloon breathing
  • Shoulder roll breathing
  • Take 5 breathing
  • Bumblebee breathing

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